About Chef Denise

Ever since I was old enough to know what was going on, I loved being in the kitchen with my Mom and watching her bake and make meals. It all seemed to come so easily to her, with her creative intuitive cooking style. It looked like fun and I wanted a part of it. My first foray into baking was my little pink Easy Bake Oven. From that moment on I was hooked at a tender age.

As I got older I had an opportunity to travel the world and visit and live in many exotic and exciting places like Thailand, Brazil,Greece,Mexico, Singapore, Europe and Hawaii to name a few…..Born in London, I loved trying to duplicate the foods and flavors that I had experienced in my travels.

As my children grew up I had to figure out what direction I would take the next chapter of my life in.

Cooking for others was a natural choice. I have cooked for my church for 12 years every other Sunday. Second Sunday Café is a big draw with delicious breakfast and brunch food served to about 60 of my church friends.

Once I decided to open my own business in 2003, I joined The American Personal Chef Association – within 6 weeks, I landed my first clients and have been busy cooking for clients ever since.It’s feel so good knowing I’m helping bring families back to the dinner table and preparing nutritious and delicious food. I help people manage their busy lifestyles by giving them the gift of time along with less stress.

I constantly do research and attend classes on new methods, trends in the nutrition field and have become a Certified Raw Food Chef and a Plant Based Diet enthusiast.

Whether it is good old fashion “comfort food” and everything in between…

I am a professional member of the American Personal Chef Association. I have passed the Serve Safe/Food Manager Safety Certification and I carry General Liability insurance.